One of the more challenging aspects of exercising is that it appears to be intuitive when it’s actually not. When you decide to start (or re-start) an exercise regimen, it might seem easy enough to figure out on your own. “I’ll start going for walks!” or “I’ll get a gym membership and do some machines.” And any of these are certainly better than doing nothing at all, but doing your chosen exercises with consistency and intensity really has little bearing on how effective (or safe) your regimen will be towards your goals.

If you had a toothache, you (I hope) would not decide to pick up a dental drill and start repairing your teeth. If your car broke down and you had never looked under the hood before, you likely wouldn’t decide to fix your own engine. But when it comes to exercise, most of us decide to just “wing it” and figure it out on our own. A lucky few will stumble on the right combination of exercises and realize success. Most will see some sort of progress, but not nearly as much as our time and effect should have brought us, and some won’t see any progress at all.

Just as you hire a dentist when you have a dental goal of no tooth pain, and hire a mechanic when you have a car goal of it not breaking down, hire a professional to help you design your exercise routine as well. Not because you have to, but because hiring a well-qualified professional will always save you time and energy, ensure success, and often end up paying for themselves and then some.

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