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I’m a personal trainer, and I don’t enjoy working out. For me, exercise is always boring, unpleasant, or both.

I enjoy looking fit, but that’s never been enough to keep me consistent on a regular exercise program.

I’m not naturally athletic; I’m a science nerd. I like movies. I eat candy almost daily. I drink alcohol. I enjoy my life. And that’s exactly why I put my life on hold three times a week to work out.

I exercise consistently because I want to remain capable. I want to always be able to do the things that make me me. As we get older, physical tasks that used to be so easy can become more challenging. Eventually, they can even become impossible. But, here’s the good news: exercise, when done with a specific type of strength training focus, can prevent this. It can even reverse parts of the aging process, enabling you to continue to live your life the way you want to live it. And that is precisely the type of exercise that we teach at Activate Body. I call this Ortho-Longevity: exercising for the purpose of helping your body maintain its full physical capabilities over the entire span of your life. It’s a way of working out smarter, not harder. Over the past 20 years of my career, I’ve immersed myself in the study of exercise as an applied science. I obtained my degree in exercise science. I studied under exercise physiologists at Johns Hopkins Hospital. I received multiple certifications in exercise and nutrition. And, most importantly, I have worked with literally thousands of clientele from all walks of life. Throughout my career, my passion has been distilling the minimum effective dose of exercise for maximum effect as it relates to the quality of life, and Activate Body Small-Group Training Sessions are the result. Activate Body Small-Group Training Sessions are a perfect combination of the quality attention of personal training and the community encouragement of an exercise class.

Here’s how it works:
  • You come to one of our private studios for a by-appointment workout.
  • You turn your brain off.
  • You let our team of personal trainers guide you through a routine designed for your individual fitness level and goals.
  • 45 minutes later you’re out and on your way.
Do this just twice per week, and you’ll be doing a lot to help your body keep up your physical abilities and even start to improve them. Do this just three times per week if you want results even faster. We teach you how to do the exercises confidently and correctly. We show you what equipment and weights to use. We make sure you know how to avoid hurting yourself. And you’ll do this at one of our boutique-style studios. Or have us broadcast the session to you online. You’ll be trained by the area’s best (and friendliest) personal trainers who have been hand selected and gone through our rigorous in-house certification process. We limit the number of attendees per hour, so you always receive enough attention to be successful. There are no warehouse-style gyms, no mirrors, no one yelling at you, and no big crowds. There has never been a moment in my life in which there was nothing that I wanted to do more than stop what I was doing and work out. I’m a busy person, and my time is precious. But I know I need to exercise so I can keep doing all of the things I love doing with my friends and family. If this sounds like you, then Activate Body workouts will be perfect for you.

To your health,

Ben Supik

Founder, Activate Body

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