There’s a big difference between wanting to lose weight, and feeling like weight loss should be a priority in your life. The distinction can play a big role in your long term success.

Consider weight loss to be like purchasing something extravagant. In this example, we’ll use a Ferrari. Most car enthusiasts, if offered a Ferrari, would happily accept the gift. Similarly, most people would happily accept instant weight loss if it were magically offered to them.

But Ferraris, and weight loss, are never acquired without a price. Once shown the hefty price tag, a car enthusiast has two options. She can either:

  • Make some financial sacrifices to purchase the Ferrari, or…
  • Do without the Ferrari for the time being, even though they’d love to have it if the price tag weren’t so high.

When it comes to weight loss, similarly, we have two choice we can make:

  • Make some sacrifices to our food options, social life, wallet, etc, or…
  • Do without the weight loss for the time being, even though we’d love to have it if the price to pay weren’t so high.

It’s important to ask yourself which option feels more appropriate to you whenever considering if you want to embark on a weight loss plan. If you’re always choosing to make weight loss your priority, you’re doing it wrong. If your focus is weight loss 365 days a year, that’s not a focus, that’s an obsession (and it likely shouldn’t be taking that long to begin with if you’re doing it right).

In any given year of your life, some months are going to be more stressful, some less so. Some months will have busy social calendars, some less so. Considering this context should help you determine if it’s currently a good time to focus on weight loss. Don’t set yourself up to fail. Instead, pick and choose a time when your life is most conducive to making the necessary sacrifices to achieve your goals. Then dive in, get them done, and move on with your life having accomplished your goal.

To your success,

Ben Supik

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