Think back to a challenging course you took during your academic career. Perhaps it was AP Calculus in high school, or a physics lab in college. A course that you had to pass because it was required for your graduation. There are a lot of lessons learned during that experience that are comparable to a successful weight loss endeavor. Consider:

Every class includes those who barely have to try, yet cruise to an A. In weight loss you’ll hear stories of others who barely did anything, yet reached all of their weight loss goals ahead of schedule. This doesn’t mean it’s going to be as easy for you, and doesn’t mean you should mimic their relaxed approach.

Sometimes you take a course that covers your worst subject. You’re going to struggle more than anyone else in your class. This doesn’t mean you resign yourself to failure. It means to achieve your goal you are going to have to work harder than your peers. You might even need to call in extra help to ensure your success (a tutor or a coach).

When taking a challenging class, we’re often able to focus and work harder because we know it’s not forever. The course has a set start and end to it. Use the same tactic with your weight loss approach. Build in an end date before you start so you know how long you’ll need to maintain your best focus for. To that end, while you don’t have to get a perfect grade on every quiz and exam, you’ll give yourself much better odds of success if you just show up to all the course. In fat loss, you don’t need to have every meal be perfect, but if you consistently make an effort every day to do your best, results are most likely to follow.

In weight loss, academia, and many other ventures in life, sometimes to achieve our goal we’re going to have to work a little harder than everyone else. We’re going to need to get a little more uncomfortable than everyone else. But when the goal is worth it, for a finite period of time, we can embrace the process, and get comfortable with getting uncomfortable to ensure our success in the end.

To perfect attendance,

Ben Supik

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