In 2016, my gym, Activate Body, was getting ready to expand. We were moving into a new space that used to be a wood working shop. At the time, the space had no air-conditioning, no finished floors, it didn’t even have a bathroom. Needless to say, the build-out would be extensive. Friends who had hired contractors for similar build-outs cautioned “When searching for your contractor, you can find a crew that can do quality work, a crew that can do timely work, or a crew that can do low cost work, but you’ll never find all three qualities in the same crew.”

This standard for selecting a construction crew accurately parallels to selecting a strategy for a successful nutrition plan. You can find plans that work quickly, you can find plans with foods that don’t cost much, and you can find plans that don’t require much of your time to complete them, but you’ll seldom find all three. Some examples:

  • Want a plan that with foods that don’t cost much? Then plan on spending some of your time each week making grocery trips and prepping your food.
  • Don’t want to spend so much time prepping food and shopping? Hire a meal prep chef. You’ll pay more per meal, but you’ll free up your time.
  • Don’t want to spend your time or money on your new nutrition plan? That’s fine, but then don’t expect this plan to get results in as timely a fashion.

There are no wrong choices, but it’s important you consciously select a strategy, understand what it will require of you, and what results (and when) you can expect the plan to do for you.

Remember that whatever methodology you select, it’s temporary. What you do nutritionally to achieve your goal is not what you’ll need to do to maintain it. Pick a strategy, select a start and end date, give it your best shot, and then re-evaluate at the end to see if the effort felt worth the outcome.

To informed decision making,

Ben Supik

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