The Trials & Tribulations of Traveling

Summertime means lighter work schedules and more vacation time, but it also means an increase in traveling … and its adverse affects on your body.

Think about it. Traveling--no matter what kind--subjects your body to intense strain. You’re basically forcing your body to adapt to unnatural conditions. Physiologically, your body becomes stressed and has to fight to stay at equilibrium. The three major "side-effects" of traveling that affect most individuals are as follows:

1.) Dehydration is one of the biggest culprits, especially on flights. Being comprised of over 50 percent water, any kind of depletion can throw your entire system out of sync.

2.) Bloating is another nasty side-effect caused by changes in air-pressure, diet, or altitude. Drinking enough water, eating clean foods, and avoiding high-sodium foods will help combat these … As well as patience!

3.) Constipation is also another culprit. This is caused by diet changes and the overall disruption of your usual daily routine. Our bodies are sensitive machines, conditioned by our unique circumstances to operate specific ways. Any time we disrupt our environments, it sends our systems out of whack. This can be remedied with fiber supplements, water, and again, patience!

Ultimately, these things wreak havoc on our bodies and you should expect them next time you travel. Subsequently, being aware of these elements and their effects means having a better understanding of how your body will change both physiologically and physically.

So … Don’t be so hard on yourself when you travel. Weight gain can be attributed to bloat, constipation, dehydration … physiological and mental stressors. Our body is adjusting and doing the best it can. Our advice? Be patient and give your body a week to readjust after traveling to get back to “normal.”