The Importance of a Morning Routine

When it comes to a successful nutrition plan, our success is usually dependent on our consistency, making sure that on more days than not, we complete a list of tasks decide to help reach our goals. But the “To Do” list can be a daunting one. There’s a seemingly endless inventory of tips, ticks, and habits that we should be doing to be healthier. A most of these require us to do them day in and day out. For those of us who are busy and not rolling in extra free time, it’s usually not a matter of knowing what to do, but finding the time to do it, and consistently.

One easy solution to improve this, is creating a routine. Completing a quick to do list before your day even gets going is a way to make your nutritional to do list more second nature. Think about it: when we wake up, we seldom decide whether or not we will brush our teeth. We just do it without thinking. Most likely because it’s habit, and the benefits of doing so are important to us. We can take the same approach to our nutrition.

These pearly whites aren’t gonna brush themselves!
These pearly whites aren’t gonna brush themselves!

As an example, here is my morning routine. I don’t follow it every morning without fail, but every time that I do it, I get quicker, the tasks become easier, and I feel better and less stressed because of it.

  • Wake Up - Kind of essential to my morning.
  • Head to the bathroom and brush my teeth - Already a habit, I’ve been at it for years!
  • As soon as I finish brushing my teeth, I fill a 20 ounce cup that lives by my sink with water, and drink it. I’m not very good at chugging, but I just keep sipping until it’s gone. - I’ve already consumed more water than the average American does in a day. And cognitive function can improve up the the 95% of ideal water consumption each day - better than a cup of coffee!
  • Next I put a pot of coffee on - I know I just said a cup of water is better than a cup of coffee, but imagine the power when I combine both!
  • While the coffee is brewing, I fill my mini-blender with water, two scoops of protein powder, cinnamon, creatine, some frozen veggies, and blend. - Thanks to my morning smoothie, I’ve already hit a third of my protein intake for the day (great for increasing metabolism and maintaining lean muscle mass), had two servings of vegetables (great for vitamins, minerals, and fiber), cinnamon (a ton of health benefits and great for helping with weight loss), creatine (great for improving workout output and brain health).
  • I use my smoothie to chase down any vitamins that are currently part of my nutrition program.
  • I take a swig of fish oil, grab my coffee, and get my day started. - Read about the laundry list of benefits to fish oil here.
A vital part to any morning in my house.
A vital part to any morning in my house.

This entire process takes me 10 minutes. When all is said and done, in that short period of time I’ve:

  • Boosted my metabolism for the day (fish oil, protein)
  • Improved the health and structure of my body’s cells including hair and skin (fish oil)
  • Improved my cardiovascular function (fish oil, water)
  • Improved nervous system function (fish oil)
  • Improved my immune system health (fish oil)
  • Improved memory, concentration, and cognitive function (fish oil, water, creatine)
  • Taken steps to ward off Alzheimer’s disease (fish oil)
  • Improved digestion (water, vegetables)
  • Improved insulin resistance (great for getting/staying lean) (cinnamon)
  • Taken steps to preserve lean muscle mass (protein, creatine)
  • Ensured my body is getting all of the nutrients it might need to function optimally (vegetables, vitamins)
  • Improved my ability to workout (water, creatine)

Not bad for ten minutes! And the total cost to supply this daily habit with high grade option of each: $2.32. And then as I go about my day, I don’t have to spend time remembering or budgeting my time to complete these habits. Next time you have a nutritional habit you’re having trouble completing consistently, consider if doing so as part of your morning routine might work!

Within the first ten minutes of the day, I’ve already improved my health in a dozen ways!
Within the first ten minutes of the day, I’ve already improved my health in a dozen ways!