Spicy Foods and Metabolism

Who doesn’t want to speed up their metabolism? You can eat more food and your body can burn more calories!

Unfortunately, we don’t have total control over this.

Let's take it back one step ... Metabolism is the amount of energy or calories needed by your body to maintain itself throughout the day. Everyone’s metabolism is different and affects their body composition. People with more muscle, for example, have a higher metabolism where-as those who have less musculature have a lower one. Having a higher metabolism allows people to eat more calories daily than another person who is the same weight and height.

Spicy foods, such as hot peppers, have natural chemicals that can rev your metabolism into a temporarily higher gear. Peppers have the chemical capsaicin in them, which is where they get their heat. This colorless compound can be found in jalapeños, habaneros, cayenne and chili peppers. Along with slimming effects, capsaicin can also work as a blood thinner to help prevent blood clots.

Studies have shown that a spicy meal can raise your metabolism about 8% higher than their normal rate. This increase is considered pretty negligible in the scheme of things, but this temporary boost can help to suppress your desire to eat by raising your GLP-1 hormone.

Other studies have shown that eating spicy foods makes you feel fuller and tricks you into consuming less food. Although it is still under formal investigation, spicy foods can suppress your appetite, boost your metabolism and add some rich flavor to your meals!

Some simple ways to do this is to sprinkle a thin dusting of cayenne pepper or pepper flakes, or stir in a touch of siracha or diced jalapeños!