All About Push-Ups

A push-up may be the perfect exercise for your workout. Although it focuses mainly on two muscles, all your muscles must work together to move your body up and down as you hold your own weight!

It is an amazing upper body exercise as well as an excellent total body workout that challenges your core at all times. If performed regularly, push-ups will promote muscular endurance and overall fitness!

The two main muscles used during a push-up are the Pectoralis Major and Pectoralis Minor.

The Triceps, which consist of three heads (lateral, medial, and long) are the second major muscle group used during a push-up. Together the three heads extend or straighten at the elbow. On the way down your triceps eccentrically contract (lengthen) and on the way up they concentrically contract (shorten).The erector spinae group is the third muscle group used during push-ups, and is the main stabilizer of your back. It is made up of three muscles: spinals, longissimus, and iliocostalis.The fourth muscle group used during a push-up include the stabilizers of the front body. These are your deltoids, abdominials, pelvic, quadriceps, and shin muscles.Try remembering all of these next time an Activate Body Coach has you doing pushups!