Don't Say "No" to the Habanero

This one is for the Activators who cringe at the word "habanero." The ones who ask "please for the love, please please please no jalepenos." The ones who, quite simply, don't like the spicy. Hey, no judgement. Maybe it's for health reasons. Maybe it's just not your thing.

As much as we might not like the heat, the truth is, peppers still have some delicious flavors. Habaneros have a wonderful fruitiness to them that is totally unique. Jalepenos carry a distinct character that bell peppers just don't have ... and as someone who's tasted dishes with and without, some cuisines fall flat without the specific taste of chili peppers.

Thankfully, there's a way to have your peppers, and eat them too ... Without having them bite you back.

First off - the most heat in a pepper is carried not by the exterior flesh, but by the seeds and the membrane in the center. These are the white parts within the pepper, the stem and seeds that are attached. You can save yourself a lot of pain by simply cutting and scraping those parts out. But make sure you wash your hands very well afterwards, or the pepper juice and oils left on your hands and whatever you touch will cause a lot of pain in their own right!

Another option, in line with our penchant for grilling, is to roast or grill the peppers. Granted, a little of the fresh flavors cook out, but you still get a great result with much less burn. Simply allow the skin to char and blister under medium heat. It's recommended that you combine both of these techniques for the least burn possible. Char first as a whole vegetable, then cut and scrape second. Now, the sauciness may not be entirely removed, but the volume is reduced to a much more manageable level. Either way, this these new flavors will really bring a new flavor, a new life, to your dishes!