All About Planks

Planks seem to be one of those exercises that never seem to go away. Why? ... Because they are so darn effective! I know most of you have heard this from one of the coaches at Activate Body, but planks are truly a full-body exercise. But how?

More generally, planks target your abdominals and back muscles and are used for developing core strength and balance.

But there are SEVEN different muscles being utilized while doing a true plank.

The main muscles used while doing a plank are the rectus abdominis muscles and the hard-to-reach transverses abdominis muscles. These are the muscles in your belly and the muscles that sit in between your belly and your side muscles.

Other muscles being used include the obliques in your waist, your hip flexors, your quads (located in your thighs), pectorals major in your chest, and a group of muscles covering your ribcage called serratus anterior muscles.

So next time you're really starting to grunt and groan about doing a plank, just remember, you're working more than just your abs. Planks are a full-body exercise that's helping you burn more and build more at the same time.